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Inspired: Robin Roberts Accepts Arthur Ashe Courage Award

At an event touted as the Oscars for professional sports, the person who shined brightest at the 2013 ESPY Awards wasn’t even a current athlete. Television host and former ESPN anchor Robin Roberts stole the show.

She received the Arthur Ashe Courage Award, an honor received in past years by notable figures such as Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali. Roberts’ battle with MDS, a rare blood and bone marrow disease, forced the Good Morning America anchor to receive a bone marrow transplant to fight it.

Her incredible recovery and storied career as both a basketball player and award-winning journalist has endeared her to millions. When it was time for Roberts to receive her honor from NBA Champion LeBron James Wednesday night, she immediately heaped praise on others.

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“I realize there are many worthy of holding this honor, others who have exhibited far more courage, strength and resilience,” Roberts said shortly after receiving her ESPY. “And it’s humbling for me to represent you tonight. I draw strength from you. You give me the courage to face down any challenge, to know that when fear knocks to let faith answer the door.”

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