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Savannah Brinson, LeBron James’ Secret Wedding Invitations Leaked

LeBron James and his fiancee Savannah Brinson are adamant about keeping the pesky media away for their wedding day activities set for September 13-15 in San Diego, California.

Brinson and her soon-to-be-hubby sent out their wedding invitations to an unknown number of guests. One of the wedding guests however, decided to leak the invite to TMZ, who shared photos of the invitation. Real classy.

The beautiful gold and white invitation will allow their guests to experience a welcome barbecue, the wedding and a farewell brunch. It does not however detail the place or time. Wedding guests are urged to RSVP by August 1.

Despite Brinson and James’ efforts to maintain privacy however, it is likely the time and place will leak as well.

Earlier this month LeBron James’ fiancee and mother to his two boys enjoyed a week of bachelorette activities with her girlfriends. Brinson and her crew partied it up in Las Vegas and capped off the week relaxing in Anguilla. See photos below.

After returning from her trip, James shared a cutesy image with his soon-to-be-wife with the caption,

“Finally got my babe back away from Rump Shaker, C More Butts and Mandingo!! Smdh. Hahaha. #QueenVsBacheloretteIsOver #ImHating #LookAtMyFaceandLookAtHers #NawHappySheHadABallWithHerGirls #BachelorWeekIsNext”

How cute.

Before the year is up Savannah Brinson will become Mrs. LeBron James. In a recent interview with the Associated Press via USA Today, she acknowledged that stepping outside the shadow of a two-time NBA champion winning husband will open her up for more scrutiny,

“I’ve heard things about me that are bad, where they’ve literally looked up into the sky and said, ‘What can they say about Savannah?’ It’s going to happen,” Brinson said. “People will say I’m doing this for attention and now that I’m getting married, I’m coming out from behind his shadow, but I just thought it was time. I’m letting these girls know that I’m confident, showing them my personal growth, and maybe it will help them as well.”

Earlier this year Brinson began working with 100 underprivileged girls from her hometown of Akron, Ohio, and  from Miami to provide them with prom dresses.

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