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Natural Healing: Probiotics Can Reduce Diabetes and Obesity

Probiotics have been covered extensively in the alternative health media, especially Natural News, ¬†over the past few years. Yet the mainstream media hardly touches it. And when’s the last time your doctor recommended taking probiotics, even after prescribing antibiotics?

One might conclude from doctors’ ignorance of probiotic importance and their reluctance to recommend them that there’s not enough medical literature available for them to peruse.

But PubMed has recorded almost 10,000 published international probiotic related studies suggesting various treatment modalities since 1954. Nearly 900 have been published in the first half of this year alone, demonstrating the increased interest and awareness of probiotics’ health benefits.

Recent study obliquely addresses mainstream medical ignorance

A study published by the peer reviewed Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC) on July 8, 2013, states the study’s background and premise for their research into probiotics for obesity and diabetes: “Prescription of probiotics as obesity and diabetes therapy is limited due to insufficient efficacy data and lack of understanding of their mechanism of action.”

The irony of that statement is allopathic medical doctors rarely if ever even advise the use of probiotics for anything, even after mass murdering gut friendly bacteria with antibiotics, despite decades of thousands of published studies.

Nevertheless, this research team took it upon themselves to tackle the ever increasing epidemics of obesity and diabetes with a novel approach – probiotics.

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