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‘The Hero,’ Season 1, Episode 5: Honesty

hero cast full

“The Hero” Season 1, Episode 5 airs tonight on TNT and it’s all about honesty.

Last week the aspiring heroes leaped from a tall building, climbed up an abandoned elevator shaft, and took an open-water swim in the ocean.

This week the contestants are back for the action and are forced to take a lie detector test about each other as part of the Team Challenge. This leads to more tension in the house. Meanwhile, one of the contestants gets tear-gassed and Lydia bares her soul in the war room.

Rachel and Athena have an in-depth discussion on the “fake people” in the house and the importance of going home with integrity.

“The Hero” is a competition reality show where Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson coaches a diverse group of nine individuals in an epic challenge that tests their strength, courage, and integrity.

Tune in to TNT tonight at 8 PM to catch “The Hero” Season 1, Episode 5: Honesty. Until then, look  below to watch a preview of Rachel and Athena engaging in their “fake people” conversation.



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