Oh The Greed: Kobe Bryant Won’t Take Pay Cut to Build Winning Team

Kobe Bryant, who turns 35 in August, is worth approximately $32 million per season under a new contract with the Lakers and he says he plans to play three or four more seasons. If Kobe’s is paid his approximate value, it would be the largest in the league and would eat up more than half of the Lakers 2014-15 season salary cap.

The Lakers’ cap this season is $58.7 million. If Kobe gets his way, the deal would severely limit the Lakers’ ability to build a championship team.

According to an interview with Serena Winters of the fan site Lakers Nation, Bryant will begin negotiations with the intention of making his pockets fatter.

“I’m not taking any at all – that’s the negotiation that you have to have.” Bryant said  in an exclusive interview at his Kobe Basketball Academy on Wednesday. “For me to sit here and say, ‘Oh yeah, I’m just going to take a huge pay cut.’ Nah, I’m going to try to get as much as I possibly can.”

I wonder what Laker fans think about Kobe’s greed.

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