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Settle the Beef: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Critical of Dwight Howard’s Move

Many past Los Angeles Lakers players are upset that Dwight Howard decided to leave the team for the Houston Rockets.

Shaquille O’Neal attacked the young star by accusing him of not being not being able to step up to the pressure of LA’s expectations. Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson and Metta World Peace have all been vocal about Howard’s departure. Now, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has joined the criticizing the all-star player.

The Lakers legend, who is the NBA’s all-time scoring leader, took to his Facebook page on Monday:

“Dwight Howard is a perfect example of the fact that potential has a shelf life. Laker fans should be patient and allow Mitch & company to prepare themselves to do some serious work in the free agent market.”

Dwight Howard signed a four-year, $88 million-deal with the Houston Rockets.

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16 thoughts on “Settle the Beef: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Critical of Dwight Howard’s Move

  1. He's wrong. Magic has been very critical of the Laker organization and in particular Jim Buss.

  2. Terry Carter says:

    Steven A Smith hate say bro your wrong, Dwight Howard will never get better. He HAS reached his shelf life…he is what he is SOFT…..Lake nation deserve the best period….

  3. JR Olaso says:

    … STEVEN A SMITH… YOU IDIOT! By age 28, Kareem had already won ROY '70, NBA MVP '71, NBA Finals MVP '71, NBA MVP '72, NBA MVP '74, NBA MVP '76… not too mention All-Defensive Team selections… and leading the league in scoring, rebounding, field goal percentage, and blocked shots… So Kareem has a valid voice and can say…

  4. Jo Ro says:

    I always wonder how Steven A maintains a job. I don't think he's ever had one decent analysis.

  5. Ok Stephen what happens if Dwight doesn't get better with the rockets?

  6. Shakka Zulu says:

    Stephen A is correct, we need to leave Dwight alone since this is all a case of sour grapes since he Dwight chose to take his game to Houston, now they're all bad mouthing him, if he was still in LA in a Lakers jersey they would not…F*ck the damn Lakers who're so over rated.

  7. Earl Harris Jr says:

    Kareem can criticize DH. And I agree with Mr. Jabbar. DH has not shown that he has the intestinal fortitude to work on improving his offensive game. Potential has a shelf life, because it will only take you so far. Then, at some point, people realize that this is as good as it gets.

  8. Ed Sic says:

    what's offensive here is listening to Stephens a's rambling voice… good lawd!!

  9. Pete Garay says:

    Perhaps the Lakers should have thrown in a box of envelopes and a roll of stamps in case he decides to mail in his games in Houston as well.

  10. When your great everyone wants to knock u down. The only way they could bring the Lakers was to block a trade (CP3), and rest fell into place. This was league wide. Fuck NBA

  11. Mike Pardue says:

    Stephen A Smith entirely missed the point of Kareem's comments and completely based his arguments on his own misunderstanding of what Kareem actually said. Kareem never said Dwight was "finished" as a player. He said he had reached his potential and would never be any better than he is now. And of course Kareem made his statements about Dwight based on Dwight leaving the Lakers and not taking Kareem up on his offer to work out with him. I mean, who does that? What NBA center would turn down that offer from the best center to ever play the game? An immature Dwight Howard, that's who…Kareem was 100% spot on and Stephen A was 100% off the mark. And yeah, what had Kareem done by age 28? Look it up before you speak next time Stephen A Smith and you wont come off like such a loud mouth imbecile.

  12. Craig Mccord says:

    Stephen A. Is an ass!! Kareem was right on point!! Check the numbers!! Kareem's numbers are legendary!!

  13. Everyone is passing judgment on D.Howard the exact same way they did when Lebron James left Cleveland. Y is it so hard for people to believe that someone would leave the Lakers? They aren't garaunteed to win anything just like all the other teams. D. Howard made a decision that was best for him, so why does Shaq, Kobe, Metta, Kareem, why do they have something to say about D. Howard for? It just makes them all look bitter similar to the way EVERYONE was bitter at Lebron for going to Miami and look how that turned out. Just get over it, Nobody likes playing with Kobe, even Shaq hated it, it is what it is. This is exactly why I"m rooting for D. Howard the same way I do for Lebron, to shut people up and understand that they are all emotionally wrong!

  14. Smith has become a media sell out………. Kareems stats are factual, nothing else.

  15. Lindsey R. Monroe says:

    Steven I am a fan, but at time I think you just want to here yourself talk. I don't mind one of the all time great players being critical of Dwight. Kareem worked hard year end and year out and you realized his talent. I get tired of hearing about peoples upside. Sometime potential is a curse. Guys arguing about who's team it is? That is crazy. Not getting enough touch's? Clean the glass and make your own opportunities. Kareem was right. Dwight needs to win something then I will listen to Steven A. rant.

  16. Brian Thomas says:

    That fool didn't say Kareem should sit back and think about when he was 28?????? To which Kareem should respond: Yo Stephen A., I thought back to when I was 28 and remembered that I put up 28 17 AND 4. I like Stephen, but Kareem is right.

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