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‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Season 10, Top 18 Perform, 2 Eliminated

On the next episode of “So You Think You Can Dance,” the season’s top 18 finalists perform for America once again to discover which two dancers, one female and one male, will be getting the boot.

Last week marked the first elimination episode of the 2013 season. Many were shocked, including the judges, about the performers who were voted in to the bottom six. Carlos and Brittany’s elimination getting wasn’t exactly a bombshell, though.

Six more contestants will be placed on the chopping block based on America’s votes, and two more dancers will see their SYTYCD Season 10 dreams dry up like a raisin in the sun.

Amy and Fik-Shun are likely to be spared based on their performances last week, but Alexis, Nico, Mackenzie, Paul, Mariah, and Tucker may find themselves in the group of the bottom six.

Tune in to tonight’s episode of “So You Think You Can Dance” Top 18 Elimination at 8:00 PM on FOX to see if your favorite dancer survives to dance another day.

Remember, eliminations happen at the beginning of the show. Check out some contestants’ interviews and refresh your memory on what happened last week on “So You Think You Can Dance” in the video below…


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