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‘Luther’ Season 3: Episode 2

Season 3 of “Luther”, Episode 2 begins with the killer striking again, and the number of victims escalates fast. This happens exactly when he had  an important date with Mary.

In order to keep their disagreement out of the public eye, Luther orders Ripley to investigate the Jared Cass murder case on his own. Meanwhile, in anticipation of the fetishist’s next move, Luther throws himself into a pile of cold case files in search of connections from the past and present.

Cancer patient, William Carney, eagerly awaits a visitor while in a personal care home. The killer shows up with a present for him—pictures of his spoils and he guarantees more to come.

Ripley has to choose to go on record or not about Luther’s questionable police methods. At the same time, Gray finds the line between right and wrong is becoming blurred, while Stark’s obsession with Luther grows.

An accomplice forces Luther to engage in a dark duel. Can he win this battle of wits in time to prevent the next horror? Elsewhere in London, a group of girls looks forward to a quiet night in, unaware of the killer lurking in the shadows of their home.

Tune in to “Luther” Season 3, Episode 2 at 4pm E/T on BBC One.

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