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Top 10 ‘Peaceful’ Atlantic Beaches

Playalinda Beach, FloridaJust because everyone goes to the beach in summer doesn’t mean you have to fight crowds to find a placid stretch of sand. From Maine to Florida, here are 10 spots where you can savor the shore without so much company.

Playalinda Beach, Florida

Florida’s beaches have a well-deserved reputation for being some of the most beautiful in the world, and that means they can get mighty crowded when summer vacation begins. Playalinda, or Pretty Beach, is located on the Canaveral National Seashore just outside of Titusville. Besides being one of Florida’s quieter Atlantic coast beaches, it’s also one of the state’s few nude beaches.

Long Beach Island, New Jersey

The 18-mile Long Beach Island, or LBI, is lined with white sand, so you’re almost guaranteed to find a secluded spot to relax. You’ll find lifeguards on duty all along the island for families who want to swim or boogie board in the waves, and since the island is only a half-mile wide at its widest point, you can easily get around by bicycle.

Seabrook Island, South Carolina

Seabrook Island is the quieter, more pristine version of nearby Kiawah, and is home to one of the widest coastlines in the Carolinas. Wildlife enthusiasts should keep their eyes peeled for over 80 species of birds frequently spotted on the island, as well as the endangered loggerhead sea turtles who come here to nest.

Block Island Beach, Rhode Island

With more than 17 miles of sandy beach, finding your own little stretch of paradise is a simple task. The further you get from the ferry terminal, the more rugged and untouched the beaches, so rent a bike and get exploring…

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