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Chris Paul Happy to Remain a Clipper

Unlike Dwight Howard, Chris Paul quickly committed to his Los Angeles team at the begininng of the NBA free agency period on July 1.

On that day, Paul verbally agreed to a five-year deal worth $107 million with the Los Angeles Clippers and tweeted, “I’M IN!!! #CLIPPERNATION”

Paul mentioned that it was an easy choice after talking with his family about the decision.

“I’m excited,” Paul said to ESPN. “I’m excited about everything that’s going on with the team. I talked to my wife about it because I told her it was going to be a family decision.

“We even let [son] Little Chris chime in on it. It’s pretty cool to know where you’re going to be and to know you’re somewhere where you’re wanted. The fans have been amazing. I told my wife I felt like a rookie all over again just because I’m excited about the unexpected.”

When free agency began, The all-star decided not to meet with any other teams.

“For me, I felt like if I knew where I wanted to be and what I was going to do, why take the time and waste those other teams’ time and have them spending unnecessary money?” Paul said. “We just wanted to be done with it.”

Chris Paul will officially sign his new contract on Wednesday.

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