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Chris Paul to Sign $107-Million Contract With Cliippers

The Los Angeles Clippers hit the jackpot by acquiring Chris Paul, and, in turn, Paul has hit the  literal jackpot with the Clippers.

With NBA free-agent season underway, Paul is expected to sign a five-year extension that will pay him $107 million to stay in LA.

Many teams, including the Atlanta Hawks, were hoping to make a play to lure Paul away from the Clippers. But Paul isn’t even listening to suitors. He’s signing on the line that is dotted.

The free agency period began one minute after midnight Sunday, and Paul was expected to receive his official offer at that moment, according to ESPN.
Locking up Paul was never a question for the Clippers, who, in the past, have been notoriously cheap. But Paul’s dynamic play and leadership at the point guard position transformed Los Angeles’ second team into a serious playoff contender–and a team that was as exciting as any.

With Paul secure, the team can now look ahead to acquiring more talent around him and power forward Blake Griffin.

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