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What Kind of Lover Are You?

Black couple, woman giving back rubWhen you start dating someone, you may begin to understand them as a person.

But it’s not always easy to decipher what kind of a lover they’d be.

But as time passes by, sometimes a few weeks, or at other times, a few months, you’d be able to clearly tell just what kind of a lover they are.

The signs are easy to see, just as long as you can clear the haze of love away and see your lover for who they truly are.

The kinds of lovers and compatibility

Firstly, not all kinds of lovers are compatible with each other.

If you’re someone who’s fiercely independent or someone who likes to be in control all the time, you may have a hard time staying in a relationship with a controlling partner.

On the other hand, if you’re the kind of lover who wants to be taken care of, you may find yourself completely incompatible in a relationship with someone who’s selfish.

Before you date someone or try pointing fingers at them, try to find out what kind of a lover you are.

It’ll help you understand your own good side and your own flaws when you enter into a relationship.

And once you understand yourself better and realize what kind of a lover you are, you’d find it easier to tell if there’s a potential for a new relationship to work out or not with ease.

There’s more than one kind of lover in all of us

There are many sides of love in all of us. Very rarely would you find just one kind of a lover in all of us. Almost always, it’s circumstances and relationships that bring out the different kinds of lovers within us.

A few kinds of lovers are never good for a relationship, while a few other kinds are perfect for a long-term romance.

While there are many subtle hints of different types of lovers in us all, there’s one kind of lover that sticks out and defines us for the kind of lover we are. And that’s the way your lover and the rest of the world would see you.

The 20 kinds of lovers that exist in the world

Use these 20 kinds of lovers to find out just what kind of a lover you are, and what kind of a lover your partner is.

Try to define yourself as one of these 20 kinds of lovers, and speak with your partner and ask them to point out the kind of lover they see in you.

And if you don’t like how either of you see each other, talk about it with each other. After all, understanding what kind of a lover your partner sees in you can help you become a better lover, and work on your flaws. And it’ll help your partner become a better lover too!

#1 The giver. This is the selfless lover who constantly gives in the relationship, usually because they believe they’re not good enough for the relationship or their partner, or they believe they don’t provide enough value to the relationship and try to compensate for it by giving more towards the relationship.

#2 The taker. This is the kind of partner who constantly takes in the relationship *always wants things their own way.* This person believes they bring so much into the relationship just by their mere existence that they don’t need to do anything at all to make their partner happy. People who think of themselves as a trophy usually end up as this kind of a partner.

#3 The pleaser. This kind of a lover goes out of their way to please their partner. Call it unconditional love or pleasing love, but just watching their lover smile makes this person happy and fulfilled. They get pleasure out of pleasing their partner, even if it means giving up on something they want or like…

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