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Intervention: Black Friend Who ‘Talks White’ at Work (Deon Cole Comedy Skit)

Intervention - Black Friend Who Speaks White At Work!

Many African-Americans are familiar with the social stress of having to develop at least two identities to navigate the American socioeconomic terrain.

This is often displayed when some Black people change their behavior in the company of white folks from how they would normally behave with someone from their own ethnic background. A good example of this is “talking white.”

Deon Cole pokes fun at this phenomenon in his comedy skit “Intervention: Black Friend Who Speaks White At Work!”

Check out the hilarity in the video below.

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One thought on “Intervention: Black Friend Who ‘Talks White’ at Work (Deon Cole Comedy Skit)

  1. James Winter says:

    I just want to reach through the TV and smack this jackass.

    According to him, the English language is only for whites, and ghetto ebonics is for blacks. As soon as he asked the white boss, "What's this word right here?" he should've put on an Uncle Tom hat and thought about his life.

    Being discriminated against for being black (something unchangeable) is wrong, and should be stopped. CHOOSING to be ghetto and unemployable is another story. To program our children into thinking that negative behavior is 'real', and that successful behaviors (like speaking the national language properly) are fake, is a dangerous game to play.

    Look at immigrant communities in the US. Know why they become successful so rapidly in their second, and third, generations? It's because they teach their children to speak English and to get an American education. They encourage their children to integrate into the wider society, so that they can compete and succeed. They teach their children their mother language, but only for use in the home. The black people that have done this with their own children, will continue to be successful, while the blacks that encourage their children to be ghetto will continue to suffer from poverty and discrimination.

    There is a widening gulf in the black community. The ghetto 'rednecks' that are stuck on stupid, and the middle class 'Americans' that are becoming more successful now that racial barriers are falling. Don't be left behind! It will only be your own fault if you do.

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