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Must Watch: Black Beauty Documentary ‘Imagine A Future’ Premieres On BET Tonight

imagine a future my black is beautiful

Self-image and self-esteem are issues that plaque many young girls in today’s society, particularly African-American females who are often excluded from the current European standards of beauty.

Imagine A Future- a documentary directed by Lisa Cortés and Shola Lynch and executive produced by Beverly Bond – is a film that tackles these issues through the eyes of Dover teenager, Jane Goldsboro. As Goldsboro travels from Delaware to South Africa, she embarks on an emotional and psychological journey from self-doubt to self-acceptance.

The filmmakers aim to inspire young black girls and women to create their own standard of beauty that reflects their values.

Shadow & Act writes:

“The film is a My Black is Beautiful project, an initiative whose stated objective is to celebrate the diverse collective beauty of African American women and encourage black women to define and promote their own beauty standard – one that is an authentic reflection of their indomitable spirit.”

Imagine A Future airs tonight, July 5, at 10pm/ET/9pm CT on BET and on Centric on Jul 6 at 9pm ET/8pm.

The film comes on the heels of the premiere of Dark Girls , a two-hour documentary from Bill Duke and D. Channsin Berry that explores the prejudices that dark-skinned women face throughout the world. The film aired on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network on June 23rd.

Watch the preview below to get an idea of what to expect from the Imagine A Future documentary.

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