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Timbaland Tells Secrets of ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’

Super producer Timbaland tells some secrets about Jay-Z’s highly anticipated album Magna Carta Holy Grail.

As the album is set to release, Timbaland sits down with Diddy’s Revolt TV to discuss the album, what he wants to do next in music, and Kanye West and Yeezus.

Throughout the interview Tim seems very confident.

” This is the best Jay-Z album thus far,” he said, adding, “the first ‘big’ album for the new millennium.”

These are bold statements as most people think of Hov’s Blueprint to be one of his best works ever. Not to mention that The Black Album from Jay’s first “retirement” is one of the most critically acclaimed albums in the last 10 years in any genre.

Timbaland seems to be aware of this, but seems to think to the contrary, as he speaks of specific tracks on Magna Carta Holy Grail. The super producer says it all started with one song and then they created the album from there.

“Picassa, that song is the hardest song on the record, sets the tone for the whole album.” He also describes the hard, thumping beat, first heard in the Samsung ad that blew the speaker as the track Time Forward, as what he dubs “lean music.”

Overall, the rapper seemed quite committed not to being someone who is here for the betterment for the culture of hip-hop overall. He speaks extensively about Kanye and his recently released album Yeezus.

Timbaland believes they should put their egos aside and work together on their Yeezy’s next album (easier said for Tim than Kanye). He also echoed these sentiments when speaking of his work on Jay-Z’s new album, alluding to the old Tim who would not have been willing to work directly with other producers.

All in all, it’s a great in-depth interview for Timbaland. Even though he’s now set the expectations for Magna Carta Holy Grail extremely high.

But if there’s anyone that can exceed those expectations it’d be Jay-Z.

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