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4th Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s Death: Why He Still Can’t Rest in Peace

Four Year Anniversary of Michael jackson's death

Michael Jackson passed away four years ago at the age of 50, but it seems the King of Pop still won’t be able to rest in peace as the wrongful death trial against AEG Live heats up and his family’s turmoil continues.

Jackson was incredibly  accomplished as a musician, and no other pop star has been able to top him, and while the anniversary of his death should be a time to remember his legendary music, instead we are all watching his family drag his reputation through the mud for the sake of money.

M.J.’s mother, Katherine Jackson, is pushing forward with the wrongful death lawsuit although it may cause the rehashing of  paternity scandals, child molestation allegations, and other accusations against her son that some fans are ready to forget .

The testimony in the courtroom isn’t painting a pretty picture of the late music icon, but his children and other loved ones are doing their best to protect his image as a loving father.

One of Jackson’s backup dancers, who worked with him on the music video for “Smooth Criminal,” told the court about when he met Paris Jackson as a young girl.

Alif Sankey told an adorable story of  the young girl who had a small purse filled with candy and pictures of her father.

He then explained that M.J didn’t want his children eating sweets, so Paris asked him to keep the candy stash a secret.

Then there was Chef Kai Chase who remembered all the pets that filled the Jackson Four Year Anniversary of Michael jackson's death mansion so the children could have companions to play with despite being home schooled.

A home video of Jackson and his three children – Prince, Paris, and Blanket – opening their gifts on Christmas Day was played in the courtroom, showing a loving father taking so much joy in seeing his children happy.

Despite the heart-warming testimonies, the news headlines about the Jackson family are still enough to take the public’s attention away from the images of a loving father.

Paris recently attempted to commit suicide by slashing her wrist with a meat cleaver and trying to overdose on Motrin.

The attempted suicide came after tons of family drama regarding Paris reuniting with her biological mother Debbie Rowe ,who insisted she wanted to be in her daughter’s life.

Even then the Jackson family seemed more concerned with money, as they began accusing Debbie of only wanting to be in Paris’ life so she could receive a portion of the money that is distributed to her legal guardians.

Critics everywhere are voicing their disappointment in the Jackson family for continuing to put wealth over the well-being of  M.J.’s children and the remains of his reputation.

“Jackson’s famously dysfunctional family surely isn’t doing him any favors with its trail,” said pop-music critic for U–T San Diego, George Varga. “Alas, one could argue his family didn’t do him many favors when he was alive, either. Now, as then, Jackson seems to be regarded more as a brand-cum-revenue stream than the deeply flawed person he was. The trial sadly underscores this.”



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6 thoughts on “4th Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s Death: Why He Still Can’t Rest in Peace

  1. Linda Adams says:

    The Jackson's Are a Huge, Talented/Gifted Family. They Are NOT Any More Dysfunctional Than Any Other Huge Family That Have to Live Life in a Fishbowl. The Lawsuit is About JUSTICE, That Murray's Trial and Conviction DID NOT Complete for MJ's Life and Talent Being Lost to His Family and the World. Clearly, Paris is Still Traumatized by It. MJ and His Legacy Are About Justice, the Lawsuit Put a Money Figure on Justice for HIM – Whatever Money Figure Would NEVER Be Enough to Compensate for His Loss. I knew Him Three Decades. Ulterior Motives Don't Exist In that Family, Just Love and Family. The Media Puts Motives on Stuff for Press and MONEY.

  2. I FEEL THE SAME WAY ABOUT THE jACKSON FAMILY. I LOVE THEM ALL, BUT I LOVE Micheal more an those kids I pray 4 them also an Mrs.JACKSON, WISH THEM WELL. LOVE YA,..

  3. The Jackson family is looking for a silver lining in MJ's death. The dad was in Cannes film festival this year pushing his illegal line of tribute fragrances. It's interesting to mention that Joe's partner is a well-known scam-artist from France, Julian Rouas This is so reprehensible. Read the gory details in this fascinating blog…

  4. Linda Adams says:

    ..This Article's Writer Is Nasty Toward the Jacksons. I HAD To Comment That The AEG Lawsuit is About Justice to Them for MJ.

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