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Paris Jackson Suicide Attempt Just A Call For Help, Wants Normalcy

Paris Jackson’s failed suicide attempt is being looked at by police as a serious cry for help from the teenage girl who is eager to live a normal life in the midst of family drama, Michael Jackson paternity scandals, and constant media and security presence.

This is the first time in a while that we’ve seen the Jackson family coming together for the same cause without arguing over money and possessions – and it’s about time.

The constant feuding and growing divide between members of the Jackson family may in fact be one of the very things that is driving Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris down a rather grim path.

The 15-year-old attempted suicide this week by cutting her arm with a meat cleaver and overdosing on Motrin all while she remained on the phone with a suicide hotline.

If her suicide attempt story sounds a bit strange to you, you’re not alone. The L.A County Sheriff’s Dept. also found the suicide attempt to be a bit unusual in the fact that it was obvious Paris didn’t actually want to kill herself.


“She wanted attention,” law enforcements speculate.

One source close to the case claimed that Paris “wanted to be saved” and that’s the only reason she made sure she called the hotline first.

Paris Jackson slits wrists with meat cleaver, over dose on Motrin

“It makes no sense if you really want to die to call a hotline, where the person on the other end will get an ambulance over to your house,” the source explained.

Of course, the other big tip off that she didn’t really want to end her life is her decision to overdose on Motrin.

We’re pretty sure she had access to other pills such as painkillers that are more likely to be lethal if someone overdoses on them. Instead, however, she picked Motrin.

“Who takes Motrin to kill themselves,” the source added.

Either way the family is relieved that she made sure help would save her because had she not called the hotline or if she would have picked another medication she could have very easily ended her life.

But why is Paris so desperately calling out for help? Why would she even want such negative attention placed on her?

As a young teenager she has been forced to deal with some very grown up circumstances and once you take a good look at what daily life is probably like for the pop icon’s daughter it’s no surprise that she is dealing with some serious emotional turmoil.

While some reports claim her call for attention came simply because her legal guardians, Katherine and TJ, refused to let her wear what she wants to attend certain concerts the problem is obviously much more serious than that.

Paris recently reunited with her biological mother who gave her away when she was a child for a huge pay off from Michael and as it turns out getting back with Debbie Rowe isn’t sitting well with everyone in the family – specifically her brother Prince Michael.

The siblings were reportedly extremely close all their lives until recently when Paris has been spending so much time with their biological mom.

Sources say that Prince feels betrayed by his sister and wants nothing to do with Debbie who the Jackson family believes is simply trying to get her share of money that has been allocated to take care of Michael’s children.

Of course, Paris doesn’t see things that way. In addition to the simple fact that she gets to live a slightly more normal life when she’s with Debbie at her California ranch, she also feels a special bond with her mother that has led her to believe she would never betray her.

“I know that she wouldn’t use me cuz I’m her daughter,” she wrote on her personal website.

To add to all the family drama, AEG (the company that the Jackson’s are suing for Michael’s wrongful death) is threatening to expose the fact that M.J wasn’t actually Paris or Prince’s father after all.

AEG’s legal team claims they have “irrefutable” evidence that Michael is not their biological father. It is uncertain of why the paternity case would matter in the wrongful death trial, but the Jackson family is convinced that it is simply AEG trying to embarrass the family.

So to sum things up, Paris has been stuck in the middle of family quarrels over money, pushed into a feud with her brother because she wanted to reunite with her mother, forced to grow up in the media spotlight, reportedly being bullied at school for her father’s reputation, constantly being surrounded by body guards and security that prevents her from ever feeling normal, and all this while trying to figure out life without the closest person she had – her father.

With that being said, it’s no wonder her behavior has followed the downward spiral that we’ve seen in the news lately and it’s obviously taking a toll on her loved ones as well.

Both Debbie and LaToya Jackson were seen leaving the Los Angeles hospital where Paris is being held on a 72-hour psychiatric hold. While the women usually don’t see eye to eye, they weren’t focused on any of the family drama this time as they both departed with eyes that looked tired and swollen from crying.

For now we can only keep our fingers crossed that the Jackson family and Debbie can put aside their differences for the sake of raising a happy and healthy young girl.


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