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Kim Kardashian Baby Name Mocked, But is the Joke on the Media?

Kim Kardashian’s alleged baby name, North West, has fallen under serious scrutiny with some accusing the reality star of child abuse. But is the directional moniker just a clever joke that Kim and Kanye are playing on the media to keep the real baby name under wraps?

Rumor has it that Kim and Kanye just couldn’t help but pick a baby name that played directly into Kanye’s last name, and if you thought the Twitterverse was going to play nice and ignore the silly name you’re absolutely wrong.

One Twitter user claimed that the newest Kardashian baby would be in a rush to get married just so she can get a different last name.

Another page tweeted, “Coming up with baby names is not the time to try to get too creative…. Don’t ruin your child’s grade school years #KimAndKanye.”

Other more sarcastic tweets praised the celebrity couple for doing a good deed.

“Kim and Kanye’s commitment to bringing awareness back to basic navigation,” one fan applauded.

Another sarcastic comment said, “Perhaps they’re doing their best to make sure their baby girl isn’t going down on anybody… if u know wat I mean.”

One user tried to give the couple some good news, claiming that their daughter’s name would be great for a fashion designer.

According to the female tweeter, a design called “North by North West” would actually be pretty cool.

A Twitter page that promotes anti-bullying programs in schools felt the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star had done her child a huge injustice.

“North West? Is this real #KimKardashian and #KanyeWest,” the first tweet read.

A followup tweet  from the page explained the disappointment, “This is barely short of child abuse. You have created a decade of awkward years for your child in school before she will even have the chance to walk.”

Having people on social media poke fun at their baby’s name is bad enough, but what really has some people concerned is that Kimmy was mocking the name herself before she gave birth.

During a sit-down with Jay Leno on the “Tonight Show” the curvy reality star openly laughed at the idea of naming her baby North, and had assured the talk show host that it was not one of the names on her list of possible baby names.

Well, what changed?

It’s no secret that Kim appears to be rather impressionable, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Kanye threw an adult-sized temper tantrum until North West was the agreed upon baby name.

Rumor has it that the couple even asked Vogue Editor Anna Wintour for approval of the directional baby name, and apparently she gave it her blessing.

“That’s not why they named her North, but it’s nice to have Anna’s blessing,” one source told E!

The only problem is that this may be a cruel joke on Anna’s behalf.

The editor-in-chief of American Vogue is no big fan of Kanye’s girlfriend and we’re wondering if she would actually approve of the unusual baby name out of spite?

Last year Kimmy K wasn’t invited to Anna’s Met Gala nor was she allowed to purchase a ticket. You know the drama is real when a woman gives up $25,000 just so she won’t see your face at her event.

While Kim was in attendance at this year’s Met Gala – in that famous grandma’s couch dress – it still doesn’t mean Anna is ready to be pals with the reality star.

Rumor has it Kim was only allowed at the event because Kanye, who is close friends to Wintour, “practically begged” for permission for his baby mamma to tag along.

She may be forced to have the Kardashian at her event, but there is still one place she refuses to let Kim show her face and that’s on the cover of Vogue.

“As long as Anna is in charge you will NOT see Kim on Vogue,” one source said.

So is the approval of the directional moniker a cruel joke that Anna played on Kim, or are Kim and Kanye pulling the strings?

Kris Jenner made it clear that she wanted to reveal the baby’s name on her talk show that doesn’t air until July 15. Is the NorthWest baby name just a stunt to make sure nobody keeps prying into the reality star’s life to find out the real baby name before July?

Think about it. How reliable are any of the sources, when just last week the medical staff themselves announced a completely different baby name – Kaidence Donda West?

Not to mention the fact that the Kardashian sisters have been known to play tricks on the paparazzi. For example, when Kimmy dressed up in a wig and fooled the cameras into thinking she was her mother, Kris.

Kim’s love for tricking the media combined with Kanye’s extreme dislike for the paparazzi makes them a great pair to try to pull something like this off.

The only evidence that has surfaced regarding the name North West is a birth certificate that has been displayed on the Web, but who is to say that this document isn’t a fake?

To top things off, none of the members of the Kardashian family have sent out a tweet referring to the new bundle of joy by that name. In a family that puts every detail of their lives on social media, that seems a bit odd.

It looks like the world may have to wait until July 15 to get a confirmed baby name.


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2 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Baby Name Mocked, But is the Joke on the Media?

  1. they should have named the little girl north south east and west since her parents are so directionaly challenged. who really gives a rats ass what the kids name is or who her lame o parents are we have so much more to worry about in this country right now……these people are at the very end of the line. Lets worry about the real parents who don't need to be in the limelight who are trying to house and feed and clothe their children…..

  2. It's a joke, folks. No way did they name her North. Stupid, stupid name and they should know it. Now Kaidence is a beautiful name. We will see!

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