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Bill Maher Defends Paula Deen’s Use of Racial Slur

HBO talk show host Bill Maher emerged tonight as a rare media defender of celebrity chef Paula Deen, saying that she made a racially insensitive comment in private and that shouldn’t warrant her being fired and sent away from her show.

Journalist Bob Herbert clashed with Maher over his assertion, saying that uttering the N-word just crosses the line, no matter who you are.

Maher maintained that Deen shouldn’t have been fired, because it’s a “free country, even to be an a**hole.”

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One thought on “Bill Maher Defends Paula Deen’s Use of Racial Slur

  1. Marlyn Davis says:

    I Think Paula Dean is being sorrie folks's whipping boy, girl. Bad manners are ours to rue at one time or another. Of all the sad words that ever was penned are OH what might of been.
    YET, In a country that has gone thru presidents doing and saying unspeakable things. NFL mateneea IDOLS, murder and mayhem in high places,. I hear people calling other people white trash , THE so CALLED _N_ word and dogs and cats and Now where dose it land. your right at the door of Paula Dean of All people. GIVE ME A BREAK!

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