Nicki Minaj Flashes Fans in Boob-a-licious Twit Pic

Nicki Minaj gave her fans all the curves they could ask for in a topless Twit Pic that she retweeted from her producer and rumored-to-be boyfriend. Meanwhile, fans are waiting to see if she’ll bring the drama when she appears on stage with former American Idol co-judge Mariah Carey.

It’s clear that Nicki has no problem flaunting her sexuality and when it comes to putting her body on full display, she is more than happy to do it.

So when her executive producer, Scaff Beezy, tweeted out a picture of Nicki Nick topless, we weren’t shocked at all that she chose to retweet the photo to her over 16 million followers.

The picture features the hip-hop turned pop star in an unzipped white ensemble with a dramatic hair piece piled on top of her head.

The Young Money rapper covered her nips with her own hands as she made a face that, quite frankly, was far from sexy.

Of course, Minaj is used to showing her body off as she is usually half naked in most of her music videos anyway.

In other Nicki news, the curvaceous rapper recently released a clothing line through Kmart where she hopes her fans will find a funky look that they find comfortable for their body type, no matter what it is.

As you can only imagine, it isn’t easy for the wig-loving starlet to find ready to wear clothes that fit her body, so she used that inspiration to launch the new clothing line and already has some new pieces in mind.

“We’re definitely working on the leggings that I love for my body so that women, no matter if they’re slim or they’re thick or whatever, can feel comfortable,” she said.

Having the whole love-your- body theme behind her clothing line is a tad bit ironic, considering Minaj didn’t exactly love much of her body until she paid to switch things up. So we’re pretty sure her marketing team is going to have to find a way around that.

Anyway, if there is anything the “Masquerade” singer is known for more than her body, it’s her attitude. And some fans are speculating that sparks will fly during this year’s BET Awards.

The self-proclaimed Barbie and her American Idol co-host rival Mariah Carey are set to take the stage at the BET Awards. While reports haven’t specifically stated they will take the stage together, rumor has it that just might be the plan.

Quite frankly, we have our fingers crossed that it won’t happen. The reputations of African-Americans are getting tarnished enough as it is. It would be in everyone’s best interest if there wasn’t an African-American diva brawl live on stage during the BET Awards this year.

Other powerful women in the music industry including Ciara and India Arie are also scheduled to take the stage.

Chris Brown, Miguel, R. Kelly, and Kendrick Lamar are a few of the performances that will be holding it down for the men.


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