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Best, Worst Reasons to Consider ‘Yeezus’ as Father’s Day Gift

Have you still not gotten around to picking up a Father’s Day gift? But would you rather stay home and listen to Kanye West’s new album, “Yeezus,” which was supposed to drop on Tuesday but leaked early this morning? Why not combine the two and mull over present possibilities while you listen?

With that in mind, here are the 10 “Yeezus” track titles, ranked according how much your old man would appreciate getting such a thing for Father’s Day.

Because why the hell not?


10. Blood on the Leaves – Hey, that’s disgusting! Is it your blood? No? Then whose blood is it?


9. Black Skinhead – Oh, it’s his blood. Is this some kind of “American History X” cosplay?


8. Guilt Trip – Er, I think you gave your Dad this last year.

7. Send it Up – Now you’re just yelling at the poor guy!

6. I’m in It – And your Dad will watch it and pretend to like it, even if you aren’t very good in it.

5. On Sight – Hey, you should get your Dad sunglasses! Or a tie. I hear dads like those.

4. Bound 2 – The success of this one depends on how your pop feels about Bound 1.

3. Hold My Liquor – If you want, Dad, you may take a sip or two.

2. I Am a God – And by extension, you are the father of a god.

1. New Slaves – Enjoy them! Some of the ladies have training in sensual massage.


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