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Kobe Bryant Reaches Settlement With Mom Over Memorabilia

Kobe Bryant mom allowd to sell memorabilia to auction house

Kobe Bryant has reached a settlement with his mom and the auction house that planned on selling the NBA star’s memorabilia that Kobe alleged his mother stole.

There was some serious family drama between the Bryant family when Kobe’s mom decided she wanted to auction off her son’s sports memorabilia that he had left behind at home.

Well it seems like all the family drama is finally coming to an end and Kobe has reached an agreement with the auction house for some of the items to be auctioned off.

Ken Goldin, the owner of Goldin Auctions in New Jersey, made the official announcement on Monday that his auction house would indeed be selling six of the items from the large college of memorabilia.

The auction will take place online from June 17 to July 19 according to ESPN and a large portion of the proceeds will go to an unnamed charity.

The items were supposed to be auctioned off weeks ago, but things came to a screeching halt when Kobe accused his mother of stealing the items.

According to Kobe’s version of events, his mother had no right to sell the items and she was only doing so in order to purchase a luxurious home in Nevada.

Kobe Bryant makes settlement with auction house

As for the NBA star’s mom, she claimed Kobe gave her the items and therefore she had the right to do whatever she wanted with them.

The auction house became involved with the lawsuit because they had already handed over a whopping $450,000 to Pamela Bryant as an advance on the items back in January.

“Pamela Bryant also indicated that her son gave these items to her stating, ‘here mom, these are for you,’” the complaint filed by Goldin read.

Despite all the drama it seems like all parties are happy with the outcome and Goldin stated that he was “thrilled” with the settlement.

While both parties have failed to disclose many details of the settlement, Bryant’s attorney did release a statement to confirm that an agreement had indeed been made.

“On behalf of Loeb &Loeb’s client Kobe Bryant, we are pleased to announce that a settlement has been reached in the dispute involving his mother, Pamela Bryant, and Goldin Auctions over the proposed auctioning of Kobe Bryant sports memorabilia,” the statement read. “The terms of the settlement are confidential.”

Kobe Bryant makes amends with mother, reaches settlement with auction house

So it seems like Pamela will get to keep her new Las Vegas home and Goldin will get to pocket some serious cash off the serious items that according to Goldin claims will easily be able to pull in six figures each.

Out of six of the items, half of the proceeds from four items will be designated to charity while Goldin will have his claim to the rest of the cash.

Meanwhile, it seems like the family is also ready to patch things up and Kobe’s parents seem to be very apologetic of the way things unfolded.

“We regret out actions and statements related ot the Kobe Bryant auction memorabilia,” Joe and Pamela said in a joint statement. “We apologize for any misunderstanding and unintended pain we have caused our son and appreciate the financial support he has provided over the years. We also apologize to Goldin Auctions for their inadvertent involvement in this matter and thank them for their assistance.”

One can only hope that the once tight knit family won’t let money and possessions pit them in a legal battle against each other again.


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