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Kanye West Celebrates Birthday with Nas, Beyonce and Jay-Z

Kanye West celebrated his birthday in New York with best friends Jay-Z and Beyonce and rapper Nas, but his pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian was stuck in Los Angeles and was forced to miss out on the celebration.

The approval ratings for Kimye have been jumping up and down ever since they got together over a year ago.

At first everyone was in complete shock and fans didn’t approve of the couple. After a few months, however, it seemed like people were warming up to Kim and Kanye and thought maybe the relationship would be great for both of the stars.

Now the couple rarely spends any much-needed time together, which has the public feeling like Kim K. and Yeezy will be calling it quits at any moment.

West took to New York on Saturday to celebrate his 36th birthday at the famous Caribbean cuisine hot spot Ms Lily’s, but his baby momma was stuck back in LA because she isn’t allowed to fly.

“Happy Birthday to my best friend, the love of my life, my soul!!!!” Kim K. tweeted along with a collage of some of her favorite moments of them together. “I love you beyond words!”

The simple collage is a huge contrast to the luxurious present that Kim purchased for Yeezy last year – a $750,000 Lamborghini – but rumor has it that Kanye didn’t want anything flashy this year.

Reports say that the “New Slaves” rapper didn’t want any expensive gifts from his boo when she’s already going to give him the gift of a child.

“He doesn’t want Kim to think about trying to do something big for him on his birthday when she’s pregnant,” one insider explained. “All he really wants for his birthday is peace of mind for him and Kim.”

Well, I hate to be the Debbie Downer here, but since they are surrounded by so many rumors in the media, leaving her back in LA while he partied in New York wasn’t the best way to shoot for “peace of mind.” But hey Yeezy, it’s your world… we all just live in it right?

So while the pregnant Kardashian wasn’t there for the big bash, Ye’s best pals Jay-Z and Queen Bey were in attendance, looking adorable as always.


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