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Serena Williams Wins French Open, Claims 16th Slam Title

Serena Williams has much to rejoice about as the tennis star managed to beat out Maria Sharapova to win the French Open, making this the 16th slam title she has under her belt.

When Serena was busy gracing the cover of Essence magazine, she still made sure to keep her head in the game and prepare for what would soon become a monumental moment in her tennis career.

It’s been over ten years since Serena last claimed victory of the French Open in 2002 and she used that as motivation to make sure she took home the title this year.

“I’m still a little bit upset that I lost that year,” Serena said of her chance at the title back in 2012.

While she is disappointed in the loss from before, she went on to explain she was more focused on recovering from that loss… as well as her numerous injuries.

“But it’s all about, for me, how you recover,” she said as tears began to fill her eyes. “I think I’ve always said a champion isn’t about how much they win, but it’s about how they recover from their downs, whether it’s an injury or whether it’s a loss.”

What’s so remarkable about Serena is that she actually did have to overcome serious fears and multiple injuries and these were the types of injuries that could easily put any tennis icon out of their game.

In 2011 the 31-year-old athlete underwent two foot operations and treatment for blood clots in her lungs within 10 months.

Well despite the hardships, she’s back better than ever and is continuing to extend her record breaking victory streak.

Williams’ victory last Sunday marked her 31st consecutive victory which makes her streak the longest single-season streak in 13 years.

She never went long without grasping new titles, but it was easy to see how much it meant for her to be the last one standing after the French Open.

“Eleven years,” she said in French after claiming victory. “I think it’s unbelievable.”

Serena admitted that it was hard for her to talk after the game because she was so excited and even her opponent understood why.

Sharapova had nothing but kind words to say about the Olympic Gold Medalist.

“I played a great tournament and I ran into a really tough champion today,” Sharapova said. “She is playing extremely well. She’s a competitor.”

Sharapova still had quite a bit to celebrate as well because her last victory extended her rank to No. 2 as Serena still defended her No. 1 spot.

Sharapova’s advancement in the rankings made way for another spectacular moment in tennis history because it was the first time the No. 2 and No. 1 ranked players battled it out on the courts in a major game in almost a decade.

At this point, we know many things about Serena, but what even we didn’t know was that there is actually a whole team of people inside that one tennis star.

She recently opened up about the multiple personalities she has and has coined them all with different names.

“My assistant who lives inside my body,” Serena said of a personality known as Summer. “She’s really organized and she’s amazing. I love her.”

Then there is the bad girl inside Serena who goes by the name Megan.

“I think she was a bad girl… Haven’t seen her in a long time,” she said playfully.

Then there is the neck rolling, finger snapping, tell it like it is personality that might have some people shaking in their boots so what better name for her than Laquanda.

“She’s not allowed to come out,” Williams explained. “She’s on probation. She’s not nasty. She just keeps it real and you don’t want to cross her.”

Then there is the personality that leads Serena to victory time and time again who has been rightfully named Power.

This is Serena’s Sasha Fierce if you will. She is loaded with passion, exceptional athletic skills, and of course, power. When we catch Serena playing with such deep intensity that you can barely take your eyes off her, that’s when Power is out defeating yet another opponent.


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