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Kim Zolciak Still Smoking While Pregnant Again With Fifth Baby

Kim Zolciak is pregnant again after just 10 months since her last pregnancy, but the reality star is still smoking cigarettes and putting the unborn baby’s health in jeopardy.

It’s no secret that this Real Housewife is one serious baby making, wine drinking, cigarette smoking machine, but when she’s doing it all at once there is a serious problem.

While she hasn’t been caught sipping on any alcoholic beverages during her fifth pregnancy, she was caught puffing on a cigarette as she hit the beach sporting signs of a small baby bump.

The 35-year-old “Don’t Be Tardy” singer (if you choose to call that singing) took off to Destin, Florida with her husband and four other children for Memorial Day Weekend and once her cigarette puffing photos hit the web fans fired off.

“R u a moron!!!??” a user on Instagram wrote after posting one of the pics of Kim smoking. “thtz a lyfe inside u! put the cigs dwn!”

A Twitter user also reposted one of the pictures saying, “See this is why I have never been a big fan of Kim Zolciak.”

A second tweet from the same person continued on to say, “Are you telling me that you can’t give up smoking for the safety of your baby?”

A fan page for the Real Housewives also commented on Kim’s behavior and they certainly weren’t going to stick up for her.

“Kim Zolciak caught smoking while pregnant!! WTF!! So much for a role-model,” the tweet read.

Another fan only needed one word to describe how they felt about Zolciak puffing on a cigarette while pregnant.

“Disgusting,” @politicsofamy wrote with a link about Kim smoking while pregnant.

While the soon-to-be mother of five is getting all the backlash, her husband Kroy Biermann is getting off the hook despite the fact that he was with her when she started taking a puff.

It’s ultimately Kim’s terrible decision to decide to start smoking while pregnant, but as the father of the unborn baby Kroy should have stepped in and made sure Kim didn’t risk his child’s life.

“Smoking cigarettes is probably the number one cause of adverse outcomes in babies,” Dr. Robert Welch explained.

With over 4,000 dangerous chemicals in every cigarette (over 70% of which are likely to cause cancer) it’s easy to see why it would be so harmful to a pregnant mother’s unborn child.

Smoking while pregnant often leads to premature deliveries and can even result in a stillborn. If the child manages to survive, it will still be at an incredibly high risk for learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and an abnormally low IQ.

Simply put, Kim is potentially ruining her child’s life before it’s even born.

The news of Kim’s fifth pregnancy came Wednesday when an insider told “Life & Style” that “Kim is pregnant again.”

Another source told “In Touch” that Kim and Kroy are “so excited” about the fifth baby on the way.

While the couple hasn’t made a public statement to confirm the baby news they never were shy about letting the world know they wanted a huge family with tons of little ones running around.

“Kroy would have me pregnant for the rest of my life,” Kim stated in the past. “He’s an amazing father and just loves it.”

The couple is hoping that Kim is pregnant with a baby girl which would give Kroy his first daughter by Kim – her other two daughters are from a previous marriage.

The reality couple also received some humorous advice on how they might be able to guarantee their child is a girl.

“You just wave a bunch of credit cards around your b****s and the girl’s sperm will come to the surface for that,” their doctor said as they erupted into laughter.

We aren’t sure if they’ll actually take the joksters advice but Kroy does plan on having two daughters soon regardless of the sex of the fifth baby.

Reports revealed that he is in the process of legally adopting Kim’s daughters, 16-year-old Brielle and 11-year-old Ariana.


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