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Vine For Android: Review of Twitter’s Younger Sibling

The good:

Vine for Android is great for sharing short video clips on Twitter. The Home feed is smooth and the recording tool works just as well as it does on the iOS version. Also, exclusive to Android users is a zoom feature.

The bad: This newborn app is missing a lot of major features that iOS users enjoy, like Search, Facebook integration, and front-facing camera support. Also, it is noticeably buggy.

The bottom line: If you need to jump on the Vine bandwagon ASAP, then this is a must-download, but be ready for a buggy app that’s short on features.

After spending the last several months wondering what all the fuss was about, Android users finally get to try out Twitter’s younger and increasingly popular video-sharing sibling Vine. While this first iteration of the highly anticipated release certainly works, it is buggy and has a number of missing features, which make it a letdown. That said, the app’s handlers at Twitter are fully aware of its shortcomings and are already hard at work with improvements.

To get started with Vine, you can sign up with an e-mail address or use your existing Twitter credentials for quick access. Similar to Twitter, the app opens up to your Home feed, where you can scroll through the latest posts from other users you follow. In addition, the app automatically shows featured posts as chosen by Vine staff.

Watching Vine videos
When you’re ready to start following people, I suggest going to the Profile tab, which includes a tool to scrub your Twitter account for friends who are also on Vine. Also, there are tools for inviting friends to the service via text message or e-mail and for sifting through your mobile device’s address book.

What’s missing, though, is a Search tool (in the Android version, anyway). This is a huge negative, considering the first thing I wanted to do upon downloading the app was search for some of my favorite comedians and Web celebs to follow. I’m staying tuned, though, as I fully expect Search to be among the first features added in a future update.

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