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Jay-Z Under NFL Investigation Due To Geno Smith Instagram Photo

Jay-Z NFL Investigation: Jay-Z is suspected to have broken the NFL’s “Runner Rule” when recruiting Geno Smith after an Instagram photo revealed Jay-Z sitting next to Smith before the Roc Nation Sports recruitment process was officially over.

Jay-Z has been in the midst of all kinds of drama lately and irony is that in another year or so the New York Hip Hop mogul might actually have “99 Problems.”

This time the rapper turned sports agent is being investigated for breaking a new rule known as the “Runner Rule” which forbids anyone that is not a NFLPA-certified agent from being involved in the recruitment process of new clients.

In case you haven’t figured it out, Jay-Z has a lot of titles but a NFLPA-certified sports agent isn’t one of them.

So how did the NFL even find out that Jay may have been a direct influence on Smith during the recruitment process? Social media, of course.

We aren’t sure if neither HOV nor the NFL rookie knew about the rule, but neither of them had a problem posting a photo of them together in a meeting to Instagram.

The photo was posted to the social media site before Geno even sat down with Roc Nation’s NFLPA-certified agent Kim Miale to officially sign up with them.

Needless to say that in itself is a huge problem.

As if that wasn’t enough dirty going against the hip hop mogul, Geno’s advisor isn’t making things any better.

John Thornton sat down for an interview with The Inquisitr and pretty much put the final nail in their coffin.

“I was in those meetings and Jay-Z connected with [Smith] on many levels,” Thornton said.

That serves as a strong piece of evidence that the “Empire State of Mind” rapper did in fact have a direct influence on Smith’s decision to join with Roc Nation; however, Thornton is now saying that he was misquoted in the interview.

The investigation is still going on as police are reaching out for more evidence, but it is uncertain what the consequences will be if he is found guilty of violating the new rule.

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