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Chris Brown Hit And Run Could Give Him Some Serious Jail Time

Chris Brown is under investigation for an alleged hit and run after he supposedly failed to fork over all the necessary information when he rear ended a woman’s Mercedes last week and the investigation could result in Brown behind bars.

Brown is about to learn an important lesson about the legal definition of a “hit and run.”

While he did pull over and talk to the other driver after rear ending her vehicle if he decided to take off without providing correct insurance information, he can still be found guilty of a hit and run which would obviously be a violation of his probation.

The other driver in the accident claims that Breezy copped an attitude with her when it was time to talk insurance and paying for the damage done to her car.

Supposedly Rihanna’s ex refused to provide his driver license number and gave the woman incorrect insurance information.

If LAPD finds probable cause to believe this is true, Chris could be facing up to four years in jail.

There is a twist in all this, however. Brown claims that he did indeed give the woman all the information she needed and that she has been the one avoiding his calls.

A source told TMZ that when the “Fine China” crooner’s lawyer reached out to the woman after the incident she actually hung up on his face.

To make matters worse, the woman has allegedly not picked up any other calls from Brown’s legal team and refuses to give them a call back.

If that’s the case Chris will remain a free man, but having an entire case that based off of nothing but he-say she-say means nobody is really sure what the outcome will be.

Either way, the “Don’t Judge Me” singer feels like the fender bender needs to be dropped all together because a photo of the woman’s car at the scene of the accident revealed there was actually no real damage to her vehicle.

The picture, which was snapped by Breezy’s girlfriend and roommate Karrueche Tran, shows the back of Mercedes looking brand spanking new despite TMZ’s photographer claiming he saw “medium” damage at the scene.

As far as the investigation goes, sources are saying that neither Chris nor his legal team have actually been contacted by the LAPD which may give us reason to believe that they aren’t buying into the hit and run accusations.

If he is tossed behinds bars, however, you can expect Team Breezy to go on a Twitter rampage for the entire four years he is expected to be in jail for violating probation.


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