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Nicole Murphy Shows Bikini Bod While Fiance Michael Strahan Lays Low


Nicole Murphy and fiancé Michael Strahan took to Hawaii on Friday for a little mini vacation where the mother-of-five flaunted her flawless hourglass figure in a wild print bikini.

How can you even take a peak at Nicole’s beach bod and not immediately feel the urge to hit 100 crunches and run until your legs just won’t carry you anymore?

It is no secret that bouncing back after giving birth is quite a difficult challenge for most women, but Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife must have some incredible genes.

The 45-year-old mother looked absolutely breath taking in her itty bitty snakeskin print bikini with cute trims of turquoise lace.

Not only is her tummy flat and toned but she definitely has managed to obtain the hourglass figure that most women only dream about.

While some beauty and style experts aren’t fans of women over 40 still rocking their navel rings, we fully support Nicole rocking her silver hoop belly ring. When you’re a mother of five with the body of a 21-year-old fitness trainer you should feel absolutely free to add a little bling to your washboard abs.

It was also obvious that Michael’s fiancée didn’t slip into her cute bikini just to tan out on the beach. The adventurous beauty that seems to be defying the test of time made her way into the salty waters for a refreshing dip all while keeping her stylish aviator sunglasses secure on her face.

So where was the man of her life while she was splashing around in her tiny bathing suit? Enjoying the view from the beach of course.

While the “Live with Kelly and Michael” co-host didn’t strip down to join Nicole in the water, he had a sly smile on his face as he watched is wife-to-be enjoying the cool water.

He appeared to be trying to lay low as he kept his face hidden from the sun with a blue and white towel.

He also slipped on an orange baseball cap and kept on his white t-shirt the entire time, which was completely selfish of him by the way. Think about the fans Michael… think about the fans.

Anyway, the two fitness gurus certainly make quite a lovely couple and after being engaged for about four years now and making it through some nasty cheating rumors we’re hoping that eventually we’ll get to see an actual wedding happen.


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