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Amanda Bynes Jumps on Twitter to Speak on Arrest, Mug Shot and Drug Use

After Amanda Bynes was arrested on Thursday for hurling a bong out her apartment window and allegedly smoking pot in the lobby of her building, she was released the next day without bail and took to Twitter to deny every using drugs, owning a bong and her mug shot that revealed a short crop and apparently a bad nose job.

It’s obvious that Amanda’s downward spiral is far from over and now she’s walking on very thin ice with the legal system. While she was released from police custody hours after being arrested and without bail, the judge warned her that if she gets into any more trouble or fails to show up for her next hearing in July the consequences will be serious.

Despite the warning, the former child star sees no reason to take any of it seriously so instead of seeking help or trying to get her act together she just vented on Twitter and commented on her need for a new nose job.

“I only smoke tobacco I don’t drink or do drugs,” she tweeted late Friday night. “I’ve never had a bong in my life! I need to get another nose job after seeing my mug shot!”

By the way, whether or not it was a bong (which we believe it was) has little to do with her charges. While the actress claimed it was a vase she hurled out the window and not a bong, throwing a vase out an apartment window is still reckless endangerment and had it hit somebody her charges would have been much worse.

An insider, however, claims that there really isn’t a case against Amanda because the only proof they have is that she’s a little crazy.

“She was acting crazy, but there is no law against being crazy in the United States and they can’t hold you for that,” the insider explained.

The insider also addressed rumors that Bynes is suicidal and needs to be watched closely or she may bring harm to herself or others.

“She is not suicidal, and not considered to be a danger to herself or society,” the insider added. “They really tried to find a way to hold her, but no avail. Amanda isn’t a dangerous girl, she seems desperate for attention and really acting out.”

Well she isn’t too desperate for attention because she did everything she could to keep her court proceedings under wraps.

“I’m asking you I don’t want any pictures,” she said to one of the many photographers.

She then announced to the courtroom, “I don’t want any photos. No press are allowed in here.”

We aren’t sure whose attention she is seeking at this point because it’s not the media and apparently it isn’t her parents either.

Her parents have been reaching out to her consistently ever since her meltdown began but Amanda refused to listen to them or even move back home.

Now her parents, Lynn and Rick, are insisting that their daughter gets some type of psychiatric help.

Apparently, she has had poor mental health for quite some time now and things are just getting out of control.

“Amanda has been clearly using drugs, yes, including marijuana, but that is just the symptom,” an insider explained. “The fact is Amanda suffers from severe mental health issues that she refuses to accept.”

The insider went on to reveal that Bynes used to think there were tracking devices in the smoke detectors at home so she would place sheets over them. Her family also claimed that she often complains about hearing voices.

If that’s the case perhaps it is time for the judges to give Amanda some psychiatric help instead of just help for the drugs… regardless she needs to address both issues before things get much, much worse.


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