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Kelly Rowland To The Rescue? X-Factor Just Won’t Give Up

Kelly Rowland has confirmed that she will be one of the new judges on the X Factor USA along side Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, and the other new judge Paulina Rubio as the failing singing competition show just refuses to give up.

If American Idol is tanking then X-Factor has gone straight to hell where it is dining with the failed reality dating show “Ready for Love.”

Despite the fact that it’s obviously time to just pull the plug on X-Factor, producers are sticking with the American Idol strategy of hoping that new judges will have America so intrigued that they can’t help but watch.

The new additions to the X Factor judge’s panel are Kelly Rowland and Latina pop star Paulina Rubio which means this will be the first time that the singing competition show will feature three females on the panel and only one male.

Will the Charlie’s Angels set up be enough to save the show from certain doom? Most certainly not.

Producers are missing the mark by trying to focus on the judges when the problems with the X Factor extend much further than just the celebrities who are on board.

Either way, Rowland claims she is ready for the journey in the US after she judged on the UK version of the X-Factor.

“I am very excited to be reuiniting with Simon Cowell and the X Factor family,” the “Dirty Laundry” songstress said. “It feels great to be able to take this journey here at home in the states!”

Is it really still considered a journey if it is short lived? We have a feeling that Kelly won’t be on the panel long for the simple fact that the show itself can’t be much farther from getting yanked off Fox.

Auditions for the next season have already taken place in South Carolina, Denver, and even Los Angeles before the final group of judges was even confirmed.

Quite frankly we aren’t sure why people even bother to audition for the X Factor since the U.S version has yet to produce any major stars in the music industry.

X Factor UK gave us British boy band One Direction who actually won the competition, the Nicki Minaj inspired sweet heart Cher Lloyd, and the incredibly lovable Olly Murs (none of which were actually crowned as the winner of the show).

The list of successful acts to come from The Voice is quite extensive and includes R&B star Sera Hill, soulful singer-songwriter Dia Frampton, incredibly successful post-show competitor Chris Mann, and teenage songstress Rae Lynn who was just shy of charting on the Billboard Hot 100.

So what good is a show that doesn’t even help the contestants’ careers, has a pretty lack luster selection of judges on the panel, and has a knack for allowing contestants with gimmicks to go through rather than the ones with real talent (remember the guy in the fishnet tank top and greased up hair do that sang two words before running around the stage doing some weird dance and passed the audition with flying colors? Yea….).

Anyway, it’s likely that the new judges won’t change anything but the show’s budget.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that Khloe Kardashian will not be joining the show next season either and rumor has it that producers are just going to stick with Mario Lopez as a solo host.


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