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Kanye West Has Finally Broken the Kim Kardashian Curse; Watch 'New Slaves'

Kanye West will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Light tonight where he is expected to perform his new single “New Slaves” despite going on a rant about the show at his Adult Swim upfronts concert.

There is something that is incredibly obvious about all of Kim Kardashian’s men. Once they hook up with the reality star their career usually begins to tank and it seemed like Kanye West was well on his way to following in their footsteps.

In today’s world of media it has been officially deemed the Kim Kardashian Curse (or Kurse).

Well fret not because the rap mastermind is finally back on top of his game and has been bagging more mainstream gigs now than ever.

Mr. West will appear on Saturday Night Live tonight, May 18, as the show’s musical guest and that usually means will be seeing some funny skits from his was well but Kanye has already made it clear that he won’t be doing any skits for the show.

As we previously reported, Yeezy went on quite an interesting rant during this show at the Adult Swim upfronts concert where he gave SNL a few warnings about his appearance on the show.

“I ain’t doing no mother f***ing SNL skits,” he said during his full three and half minute rant. “This my goddamn life. This aint no mother f***ing joke. That’s it. Stop that sh** right there.”

So while we shouldn’t expect Kanye to be on stage for any skits, we do still have hope that he will take to the stage to perform his new single “New Slaves.”

We just recently slammed ‘Ye for not putting out anymore of his “real” music lately and then trying to blame it on the paparazzi. Well it turns out Yeezy already had some new music on the way and even those pesky paps couldn’t ruin this new song.

Kanye debuted the video for the new track in quite an interesting way that perfectly fit his way of doing things.

The video was projected on the sides of buildings in over 60 different locations on Friday, May 17, and we must say we are enjoying the new Kanye as far as music goes.

The entire concept of the video and the premiere was pretty clever. With the track being about the “New Slaves” the video was shot and premiered in a fashion that made it seem like more than just a new song. Instead it was more of some revolutionary announcement.

I mean picture crowds of people just standing on the street corners looking at this video play on the side of a building in a dark black and white where they only see the face of a man promising them that now is the time to break the trance of being the “New Slaves.”

Sounds pretty incredible right? Sounds like you would walk by and think there was some type of real revolution going on right?

Well if that was Kanye’s plan all along we love it and as for the song itself? The perfect blend of enticing lyrics, a hardcore beat, and a flawless flow.

If you didn’t know about his new single coming out Twitter definitely put you on with tons of raving and celebrating of the rapper’s latest track.

“Good gawd! Kanye really went in on new slaves,” one person tweeted along with a photo of the premiere video being displayed in New York.

“Nothing more to say,” another user tweeted. “Jus know its GOOD music like always #S/O to Kanye.”

The Twitter reactions didn’t stop there, however, as fans (and others who usually don’t give Kim’s boo a listen) raved on about the new song for hours claiming that not even the Beyonce baby could top this announcement.

One of the Kanye West fan sites applauded West for getting back in touch with his roots.

“The Kanye from back in tha day is back to stay,” the page tweeted with excitement. “New Slaves sealed the deal.”

The message behind the song was another thing that had Twitter raving. Yeezy pretty much stepped in where Lauryn Hill’s “Neurotic Society” left off and put it in a way that really drove the point home for the listeners.

“My mama was raised in the era when/ Clean water was only served to the fairer skin/ Threw on clothes, you would’ve thought I had help / But they wasn’t satisfied unless I picked the cotton myself,” he raps in the first few lines of the song.

He even used the song to justify his rude actions that have led some to describe him as being a “dick.”

“You see there’s leaders and there’s followers, but I’d rather be a dick than a swallower,” he raps on the bridge of the song.

A few lines in the song earned praises and applauding before the song could even finish.

“Yall throwing contracts at me, yall know that ni**as can’t read,” he raps before the crowed in New York erupts into screams with one man clearly exclaiming ”Woo! He snapping!”

While the rapping was nice and message literally gives you chills at certain points, the singing at the end should have been left alone. We’re still waiting for Kanye to realize that no amount of autotune will make his voice okay for singing.

You’re going to have to give up on that dream Yeezy.

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