Dwyane Wade Opens Up About Being A Good Father… and Prom Date?

Dwyane Wade may have been entangled in a nasty custody battle with ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches, but he recently opened up about how he refused to let that stop him from being a good father. Meanwhile, he also took the time to be a young girl’s dream prom date after catching site of a rather corny YouTube video.

These days most men will take any excuse they can find to pass up on being a father to their children, but even during a difficult custody battle Dwyane Wade found no excuses.

He admitted that while he wasn’t he best husband he could have been he definitely wanted to do his best to be a great father to his children even if he couldn’t grab full custody.

“I didn’t set out to get full custody but I wasn’t able to see my kids the way I wanted and I’m not a parent who’s going to run away from his responsibilities,” he explained JET Magazine. “I was probably a terrible husband, but I pride myself on being a good dad.”

His passion for being a good parent had led him to write the book A FATHER FIRST: How My Life Became Bigger than Basketball” and even encouraged Dove to use him as one of the faces behind their “Men + Care” Fatherhood campaign.

Wade also understands how important it is for young people to have both parents in their life and he hopes that soon it won’t be so hard for him to co-parent along side his ex who has still been busy blasting him on different talk shows.

“It’s been six years and hopefully one day she and I can get to the point where it’s a lot easier than it is now to co-parent,” the Miami Heat baller added.

As far as parenting advice, the 31-year-old Chicago native feels like it is always important to get his children’s opinions on things before making the final decision. While he certainly doesn’t let the kids call the shots he does believe it is important to let them feel like their voice is being heard.

“I’m the kind of parent who asks my kids questions like what would be your ideal thing to do this summer,” Wade continued. “This year it’s Disney World. Even though I make the final decision, I want them to feel involved. Not only in vacations but other things as well.”

It’s easy to see that Wade has a big heart when it comes to his children, but the Miami Heat player also revealed he had a big heart for other youngsters as well.

When a high school Senior posted a YouTube video asking Dwyane to be her dream prom date the handsome NBA star actually responded to the video by showing up at her home on the night of her prom.

WSVN TV in Miami reported that Nicole Muxo created the video after Wade failed to show up for her first request – a date to homecoming.

This time she stepped it up a notch with a video prom invitation (that was only as good as you can expect from you teenage girl in high school) and finally got the surprise she had hoped for.

Of course the young lady did have a back up date at her home already so to top things off not only did she have Wade as a date but she actually had two dates for prom! Gon’ head then girl.

Throughout the night her famous date posted a few pics of the night where he was seen posing with Muxo, her date, and a few other friends who were also dolled up and ready for prom.

It was certainly an adorable little story and a great PR campaign that some of these other celebs in hot water should consider (not you Chris Brown… not yet. It’s still too soon for you).

Anyway, some Heat fans were upset with the baller for taking the time off to go to prom instead of… well…. We aren’t really sure what they want him to be doing.

The prom was much too late in the evening for any practices to be going on and besides, it’s not as if Wade has been off his game lately.

If that’s not enough consider the fact that the Heat have been making their way through the playoffs barely busting a sweat so are we really going to bother to give him a hard time about this?

Cheer up people. Life isn’t so serious.


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