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Kobe Bryant’s Parents Respond to Theft Accusations With Their Own Lawsuit

Kobe Bryant’s parents are slapping their son with a lawsuit of their own after the NBA star claimed they stole memorabilia from him and were then trying to sell it at an auction.

While Kobe was busy accusing his parents of being thieves, the couple put their own paperwork together and claimed their son was nothing but an Indian giver.

Pamela and Joe Bryant say that Kobe gave them the sports memorabilia over the years and he is just upset because now they want to sell the goods.

Even Kobe’s grandmother is joining in on the legal battle and she’s siding with Pamela and Joe.

Kobe’s grandmother filed a declaration that supports Pamela’s side of the story, but don’t think the entire Bryant family is against him.

His sister, Sharia Washington, claims that Pamela was always looking for ways to profit off of Kobe and she has no right to sell the sports memorabilia.

Somebody needs to sit them all together in a room full of family photos and play “Family Business” by Kanye West… that always does the trick.

Anyway, Kobe’s legal team has successfully put a halt to the auction for now until the family or a judge finally decides who the items belong to.

While it is very likely that Kobe could have given the items to his mother as gifts here and there, that still doesn’t explain why any mother would bring her family into such drama.

This legal battle has the ability to permanently tarnish family relationships but that fact seems to fall the wayside when members of the family are busy seeing dollar signs.

For the record, it’s not as if Kobe left his family broke. The L.A Lakers baller has purchased several lavish homes and other expensive gifts for his mother and other members of his family.

Rumor has it that this entire dispute is over the simple fact that when Kobe’s mother wanted to move she asked her son to cash out on a multimillion dollar home in Vegas. Instead, he offered to buy her another beautiful home that didn’t have quite as large of a price tag (although it’s still expensive enough to where none of us could afford it).

Anyway, Pamela was furious and this is supposedly her way of getting the money she needs to move into the million dollar mansion rather than the luxurious home that makes more sense.

To be fair, Kobe did also buy Vanessa’s mother a multi-million dollar home which is only adding to the fire since his mother is allegedly upset about his marriage to Vanessa in the first place.

Kobe wanted to be practical when it came to his mother’s home but he didn’t hesitate to give his wife’s mother a $3.2 million home in Newport Beach, Calif. before she sold that mansion and was moved into another multi-million dollar home by her famous son-in-law.

Either way, a feud over money should never be enough to tear any family apart… even though that’s exactly the case more often than not.


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