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Beyonce Cancels Show Due to Exhaustion or Second Pregnancy?

Beyonce has been forced to cancel her show today, May 14, in Belgium due to dehydration and exhaustion, but with rumors already swirling that baby number two is on the way the canceled show is certainly adding more fuel to the rumor mill.

After Queen Bey admitted in several interviews that she would love to have another baby, the world has been waiting for her to make the announcement that Blue Ivy will be a big sister.

In the meantime, we have seen the R&B Queen’s belly poke out just a bit during on her Mrs. Carter World Tour shows before she opted for a baby bump hiding gown for the 2013 MET Gala all while banning any outside media from attending her shows.

Throw all that together in the media rumor pot along with the canceled show and you have one heaping soufflé of coincidental evidence that has the Bey Hive going crazy.

Mrs. Carter’s publicist released a statement explaining that Beyonce canceled the show after a doctor advised her to rest and whether or not she will hit the stage on Wednesday for next show is contingent upon that same doctor giving her the green light.

Back in February Blue Ivys’ mommy told pal Oprah that she would like to have another baby after this tour, but maybe she just couldn’t wait until then?

Or (and this is the more likely option) Beyonce realized that the Mrs. Carter Show would only make headlines for a few weeks before the buzz died out, but there is an unwritten list of certain things that the media can’t help but feed into – and at the top of that list is pregnancy rumors.

Another option is that Beyonce is just living her life like she normally would and the internet alone has blown things out of proportion, but with the “Bow Down” songstress never coming out to deny any of the pregnancy rumors we don’t think this is only the result of fan speculation.

During her interview with ABC News Jay-Z’s wife gave the second pregnancy rumors a little more fire when she failed to deny the rumors of a bun in the over but made a comment that suggested she was indeed pregnant without her actually saying it.

“I would like more children,” she said with a grin. “I think my daughter needs some company. I definitely love being a big sister. At some point… when it’s supposed to happen.”

The canceled show will be schedule for a later date and fans are advised to hold on to their tickets as they will be needed to gain entry to the reschedule show.


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