Beyonce’s Dad Hit With Million Dollar Tax Bill; Pregnant Rumors Escalate

Beyonce’s dad owes the IRS over $1.2 million after managing his daughter’s career for so many years, but the famous dad better pay the debt off soon or he might not be around to see his second grandbaby be brought into the world.

It’s been quite the news day for the Knowles-Carter family… but not all of it is good.

Mathew Knowles should have known that managing his million dollar baby was going to come with a million dollar tax bill, but it seems as if the 61-year-old businessman got a little greedy with all that cash.

TMZ has reported that Beyonce’s pop owes $484,575.95 from 2010 and a whopping $728,004.89 from 2011.

Put that all together and you’re looking at a staggering $1.2 million dollar tax bill.

Some sources are saying that Mathew did indeed pay taxes for those years, but he just didn’t pay back the right amount.

It’s uncertain if that was on purpose or intentional because he felt like he shouldn’t have to pay so much in taxes.

Either way, as Lauryn Hill just learned, the IRS does not play about getting their money back and with Mr. Knowles owing so much money we’re sure the Feds are counting down to pay day or their going to throw him in the slammer.

You’re probably thinking there is no way they’re putting Beyonce’s dad behind bars. His daughter and her New York rapper husband have billions to their name. She’ll pay off his debts right?

Not quite.

Queen Bey hasn’t spoken up about the matter but she also hasn’t made an effort to pay off his tax bills just yet.

Instead, she has been throwing cash out every which way during her Mrs. Carter World Tour.

Blue Ivy’s mommy worked out a deal with The Apprentice star Lord Sugar for his personal jet – which is still running her around $20 million during her stay in the UK but that’s not much to Beyonce’s camp.

Anyway, we understand if Bey doesn’t pay off her dads tax bills because hey, it’s her money she can do what she wants with it right? We’re just saying we might look at her a little funny because 1) that is her father after all and 2) there is no guarantee she would even be rolling in the cash she’s in now if it wasn’t for her pops.

But as we mentioned before, it’s her money at the end of the day and if her dad tried to pull one over on the IRS that’s not necessarily her mess to clean up.

Meanwhile, the Beyonce second pregnancy rumors still haven’t been laid to rest and every tabloid, magazine, newspaper, and cameraman is anxiously waiting to see if Bey’s tummy will continue to bulge the way they claimed it did in her glittering body suit during one of her shows.

Blue Ivy’s mommy is known for having one of the best bodies in the business and after all the dancing she’s been doing on tour it seems highly unlikely that she would be gaining weight at a time like this.

To follow up the rumors, Baddie Bey’s dress for the MET Ball 2013 had a strategically placed belt that cinched in at her waist – making it the perfect dress to hide a small baby bump.

Of course, we’ll just have to wait and see.

The New York Post is standing firm behind the rumors after several sources claimed Beyonce is indeed pregnant but we aren’t ready to jump the gun.

There are some sources that say the seven dwarfs live in Nicki Minaj’s backside, but we aren’t buying that one either.

Anyway the reigning R&B Queen is definitely being put on around the clock baby bump watch.


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