LaLa and Carmelo Anthony Check Bench Player After Cheating Rumors Surface Again

LaLa Vazquez Anthony cheating rumors surfaced once again after Jordan Crawford accused Carmelo’s wife of cheating during game 5 this week, but LaLa is done taking all the rumors in stride.

Remember when Kevin Garnett created a huge fiasco on the court after he allegedly told Carmelo that his wife tasted like cheerios?

Well apparently Jordan Crawford does too and he decided during the game would be a find time to bring it back up.

Jordan was caught on camera yelling during the game at Carmelo saying, “That muthaf***er f***ed your wife!”

While the New York Knicks player got heated at first, he quickly cooled off and paid the comment no mind as he continued on with the game.

LaLa, on the other hand, decided to put Crawford back in his place – on the bench.

The 33-year-old Brooklyn native took to Instagram and called Jordan out in a way that would embarrass any NBA star.

“STRONG WOMEN only intimidate weak men,” the Instagram post said.

Not too bad right? While she did call him a weak man it wasn’t necessarily directed towards the Celtics player… until she followed up with the following message:

“Try again. You on the bench for a reason.”

Nothing hurts more than the truth right?

Well apparently the Instagram post had Crawford feeling some type of way and he decided to deny ever making the comment.

“I would never talk trash about that mans Wife,” he tweeted after the incident. “I don’t him…. All I did was respond!”

Unfortunately for him, there is plenty of video evidence that proves he did in fact make the tacky comment.

While LaLa took out Crawford in a matter of seconds via social media, her hubby decided that the situation simply wasn’t worth his time.

“I’m not thinking about no Jordan Crawford,” Anthony said when he was asked about what happened on the court. “Not at this point in time, I’ll you that. I don’t even think he deserves for you to be typing right now.”

The only thing worse than getting put in check through Instagram is to then be told that you aren’t worth that social media post or any other attention in the first place.

Bravo to LaLa and Carmelo!

Maybe this will finally put an end to those pesky cheating rumors.


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