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Michelle McKinney Hammond, Relationship Author, Discusses Her Remarkable Life

When I read her book “Secrets of an Irresistible Woman” in 2004, I never knew I’d one day be sitting across the room from the author. But there we were at her Oriental hotel suite over looking the Lagos marina, me with my dictaphone carefully angled to catch each word, and she sitting on a sofa, her lips a curved line across her face.

Michelle McKinney Hammond is a bestselling author and Emmy-award winning talk show host. The author of over 30 books which include best-selling titles, ‘The Diva Principle”,  “Sassy, Single and Satisfied,”  “101 Ways to Get and Keep His Attention,” and “Secrets of an Irresistible Woman,” she has kept women real with her down to earth, smack-you-in-the-face styled advice.

Hammond’s story isn’t one of easy success, in her books and speaking engagements she has been upfront about life’s challenges, lessons but most importantly, God’s love. We sat down and chatted for over an hour on finding purpose, overcoming life’s challenges and love.

Finding Purpose

Life is a journey, some of us are fortunate to find directions, others shuttle about, hoping that gusts of wind will transport them there. No matter the mode of transportation, our individual journey’s molds us along the way, making us fit for the purpose ahead.

Hammond had a somewhat exotic upbringing. She lived and was educated in the West Indies and Europe before settling into life in America.

Today, Hammond lives in Ghana – the home of her birth father. For several years she enjoyed a full and successful career as an award-winning advertising executive. Tragedy struck when she has hit by a car and suffered a devastating leg injury that led to three major knee operations and 18 months of rehabilitation, which included having to re-learn how to walk.

it was during her period of recovery that she wrote and published her first best seller “What to do until Love Finds you.”

Howard also tragically lost her boyfriend at the time. Life has brought her other challenges, or as she prefers to call them, “opportunities” that she says shaped her into the woman she is today.

She chatted openly with me about the difficulties of feeling “different”  in her youth,  and of  finding her birth father…

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