Kendra Gottsleben: Genetics Limited Her Height to 3 Ft.; Nothing Limits Her Drive to Succeed

The word “success” can be defined in many different ways, largely as a result of unique life experiences; such experiences that affect us in both good and bad ways. Hopefully we learn from the bad ones – despite how challenging – and move forward in search of better, meaningful life experiences. Personally, my experiences have led me in a completely unexpected direction: becoming a business owner and publisher. This phenomenal experience has taken me on a journey of drafting a first chapter, to naming the book, to a cover shoot, all the way to layout designing and distributing my proudest accomplishment.

Successes can be big or small!  It is all in how we measure success. Some of us have to be a little more patient and optimistic because of those experiences we have encountered.  I look at obstacles that I have experienced as “lemons.” When I encounter a “lemon” or a whole bunch of “lemons” I take each of them and turn them into “lemonade!”

Choosing to beat the odds despite having to endure what life has thrown in my direction has been my personal story for nearly twenty-eight years.  Just like many others, I have taken the obstacles in my life and continued to be persistent no matter what it takes to achieve my goals and dreams.  When those are reached, I set the bar even further and push myself even harder (after I stop and reflect on my amazing accomplishments, of course!). Even in times of struggle and near-failure, and believe me, there have been many of those, I remember that’s all part of what makes life interesting and I become even more motivated!

3 ft. tall Kendra Gottsleben is an inspirational giant

Let me explain myself. I am a person who has a rare genetic disorder, but have never let that stop me from soaring past limits that might hinder me from reaching my dreams and goals.  Even though I am just 3 feet tall, it doesn’t mean my achievements are completely out of reach or different from any other “normal-sized” twenty-eight year old.  Every day I strive to be creative, successful, and inspire others.  Every day I remember anything worth achieving is never easy. Every day I remind myself that attitude is everything…

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