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4 thoughts on “Boyce Watkins: Gay Rights Movement Not the Same as Civil Rights Movement

  1. headline is wrong-gay righst are of course civil rights-why do blacks think they own civil rights? rights are color blind-equality is civil, gays are denied equality, therefor, gays are denied civil rights-duh….

  2. First thing first, there is NO gay gene. People are not born with some genetic mutation that drives them to be attracted to the same sex. That is scientifically so much of a joke it isn't even funny. It makes me think when a few decades ago, and even on minute levels today, white behavioral scientists said that black men/women had a gene(s) that was apart of our makeup that made us more susceptible to committing crime, to being violent, disruptive, etc. We know this isn't true because it has never been scientifically proven. The same goes for homosexuality. A person's sexual preference begins with one's mentality. And one's mentality is shaped by their life experiences, their surroundings, their upbringings, how they were raised, what hey were exposed to, at what age they were exposed to what, etc. This shapes who a person is attracted to, what foods we like, if we prefer dark skin over light skin or vice versa, etc. We must remember there are 5 levels of consciousness/mentality that we harness. The two most important parts of the 5 are the conscious state of being and the unconscious state. The sad part is so many of us don't focus on the unconscious state. We are being bombarded daily with all sorts of information, that is programming us on an unconscious level that we aren't even aware of. So since we are not able to break down the scientific structure on how someone becomes gay or homosexual, its just a lot easier to say "I was born this way".

    And with that said, lets not equate gay rights with what black men and women experienced during Jim Crow days. Black women had their breasts bit off by police dogs, men beaten and murdered in the streets like animals, children lynched, homes and churches fire bombed, women and girls raps by savage Europeans trying to uphold some white right… We faced tanks and cops and the national guard… Water hoses with unimaginable pressure turned on us like we were dogs in the street. And for what? All because we are black. Which is something we cannot change. Forced into segregation and duhumanizing us for no more reason than the fact you didn't like us because we were black. Now what do gays have to deal with? A reported hate crime every blue moon. Oh you can get married? So what? Black men used to be hung off a tree just for looking at white women let alone being with one. We want right indeed, but don't but everyone's rights under the same flag and banner just because u feel its the correct thing to do. Gays have never and will never deal with what we dealt with in the civil rights era. That alone shows you that no comparison should or can be made. Add on. Peace

  3. Nichole Hodge says:

    Perfectly stated.

  4. Katy Arnold says:

    The gay rights movement isn't a movement. Theses gay people just want the American citizens to accept their perverted lifestyle.Their is NO!!!! WAY!!! to compare gay rights to black American civil rights. Black americans were being discriminated against because they were black.Unfortunately we as black people in America are still being disfranichise in American society today.

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