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Beyonce Caught Copying Kerli’s Look

Beyonce may be talented, but she is being slammed once again after her Mrs. Carter World Tour look-book revealed she copied one of the looks from Estonian singer Kerli.

What good is talent if the artist isn’t original?

We don’t mean to upset the BeyHive here, but is Mrs. Carter so uninspired lately that she can’t even think for herself? Or at least give a lesser known artist a shout-out after she steals their creative ideas?

Beyonce has already been caught copying other artists for her “Countdown” music video, Pepsi commercial, and even her Super Bowl outfit. But this time she’s imitating  26-year-old Kerli.

The photo of Beyonce in her tour  book features the “Bow Down” songstress rocking an a spray-painted white ensemble with wing-like shoulders ,against a simple gray background while she herself has also been covered in white paint.

Sounds pretty cool right?

Indeed it is, but it wasn’t Bey’s idea.

Kerli rocked the same exact look earlier this year on her album Utopia.

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