Lil Wayne’s Emmett Till Lyric To Get Him Dropped From Mountain Dew Deal?

Lil Wayne may be dropped from his Mountain Dew endorsement deal after Emmett Till’s family reached out to urge the company to cut all ties from the rapper after he refused to apologize for the offensive lyrics.

It seems like rappers are starting to pay the price for their controversial or inappropriate lyrics.

Shortly after Reebok dropped Rick Ross for his controversial date rape lyrics, Mountain Dew is being encouraged to cut Lil Wayne for his disrespectful reference to Emmett Till on the remix to Future’s song “Karate Chop.”

During the remix Weezy raps, “I beat the p****y up like Emmett Till.”

Emmett till was a teenage boy who was mercilessly beaten to death for flirting with a white woman back in 1955 and is in no way shape or form an acceptable analogy for what Lil Wayne feels like he does in the bedroom.

The song first hit the radio waves in February and the family has been pushing for an apology, but since the “No Worries” rapper is offering up no apologies either they are ready for him to pay the price.

“We also support blocking and banning the endorsements,” said Airickca Gordon-Taylor, Till’s cousin and director of the Mamie Till Mobley Memorial Foundation. “I’ve maintained through February, Don’t do the Dew. His biggest endorsement is through Pepsi’s Mountain Dew.”

In fact, the family is encouraging people to take money out of Mountain Dew’s pockets if they don’t drop the rapper.

“Stop buying it, stop lining his pockets,” she added. “People are outraged because they feel that he should apologize to our family. I believe that’s the least of what we deserve.”

In case you were wondering if Future and his camp are receiving any backlash for pushing the song’s remix, they were quick to throw Lil Wayne under the bus.

The label, Epic Records, insisted that they had no idea about the line in the song and claimed that the track had been released without their authorization.

While the remix is still spinning on the radio today, the official version has removed the controversial lyrics from Wayne’s verse.


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