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John Legend’s Fiance Chrissy Teigen Finally Reveals Wedding Details

It seemed like John Legend and Chrissy Teigen would never get married simply because the couple found it so hard to make up their minds on wedding details, but according to the Sports Illustrated model the wedding is finally coming together.

Teigen is still finalizing a few details for the big day, but major progress has been made since the days of her ordering four wedding gowns because she couldn’t decide on one.

While she finally was able to set her heart on a gown she loved, John’s superstitions sent her right back to the drawing board to get another dress after he accidentally caught a sneak peek of her wedding day ensemble.

“John is very weird about [the dress],” Teigen told Showbiz Tonight. “He doesn’t want to know a thing. He actually opened up my laptop one day and it was the first thing he saw and I completely changed the dress after he saw it… it’s very important that it’s a secret.”

The gorgeous 27-year-old admitted that they have also picked out a location and a date for the wedding but she won’t be exposing those secrets to the media.

The only hint she was willing to provide was that her guests would have to take a bit of a “trek” to get the wedding’s actual location.

What she did open up about, however, was the unusual cuisine that will be served.

A special on the Cooking Channel called “Chrissy Teigen’s Hungry” revealed a “very rustic” variety of food options that the model is considering having at the wedding. The part that’s so unusual, however, is the cake.

If any of her friends and family were interested in stuffing their faces with a calorie and sugar packed dessert, they have another thing coming.

The petite model revealed that one of the secrets to her tiny figure is the fact that she doesn’t really like sweets, so rather than having the traditional cake she will be serving some extravagant crepes.

In order to still give the appearance of a wedding cake, the strawberry sauce covered crepes will be arranged on a cake tier to create a sort of “crepe cake.”

Chrissy also opened up about a small insecurity she has when it comes to John working on set with his many projects.

She pointed out that Legend was the one who made the first move on her on set.

“It was all him,” she said laughing. “Well, I was in my underwear!”

She playfully added, “And that’s why I’m a little worried when he has his own videos to shoot now. I’m like, ‘You going to find someone else to marry?’”

We certainly hope not because this is one adorable couple that should stick together for quite some time.

Meanwhile, John hasn’t had much time to focus on the wedding planning since he has some of his own projects to handle.

The “Duets” coach is ready to take on the controversial issue of gay males in the rap industry.

He sold the rights to his Miami-bases series “Down Lo” which is supposedly featuring a gay rapper trying to make his way in the music industry against all odds.

According to Deadline, inspiration for the show’s narrative will be coming from a first hand acquaintance of John’s which means people will probably be trying to speculate about who the character is actually based on – despite the fact that sources are saying that this isn’t actually a famous friend.

Anyway, the show is sure to be ground breaking in many aspects and Tony Krantz will be the one responsible for producing and directing the big project. Seth Zvi Rosenfield, on the other hand, will have the even more challenging task of writing the series.

Whether or not gay males will be accepted in the hip hop community has been quite a hot topic lately and it seems like John’s new series may be able to open the hip hop community up to a healthier debate about sexuality in an urban market.


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