Fantasia Successfully Reveals Fresh Look and New Music

Fantasia unveiled a classy and sophisticated look as she graced the cover of Upscale Magazine while also receiving some pretty positive reviews on her new music and new found happiness.

Fantasia had us worried with some of her recent fashion choices, but when she hit the cover of Upscale Magazine she embraced the new look and took control of her past.

The 2004 American Idol winner looked stunning in a turquoise top and a high-waisted coral skirt, but the only thing that is more impressive than her cover photo is her actually interview with the mag.

The powerhouse vocalist has had some serious ups and downs and the world watched it all, but Fantasia claims she doesn’t regret that one bit.

“Everything that I’ve talked about and put out there, it’s helped someone,” she explained. “It might not have helped the person who had something smart to say or had a joke or whatever, but there’s 10 other people that’s inspired by my story. So I wouldn’t change anything. I’m going to continue to be that person that is open and honest because that’s me, that’s Fantasia.”

The last part of her statement was particularly powerful because she also admitted that for a long time she was so busy trying to please others that she felt like she lost herself.

“The first thing I want is peace, peace of mind,” she added. “Being able to be comfortable in my own skin, being able to say ‘this is what I want to do’ instead of trying to please everyone else.”

Well it seems like staying true to herself was her secret to success because her latest album is already puling in some impressive reviews.

Fantasia’s “Side Effects of You” is a much more “mature” album than we’ve seen from Fantasia in a while, according to the Huffington Post:

The Grammy winner, who mostly collaborates with producer Harmony Samuels on the new album, declares a whole new lease on life, delivering a more mature, no-nonsense version of her former self.

The lead single, “Lose to Win,” is a heartfelt anthem, and she delivers her vocals with intense emotion. Having faced her fair share of public scrutiny over the years, it’s evident Fantasia is singing from experience and the message here is clear.

“Without Me,” a killer track with Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott, has a captivating chorus, while “Supernatural Love,” featuring rapper Big K.R.I.T., bumps with great hip-hop flavor.

She even got the chance to debut some of her new music live when she was welcomed back to American Idol to perform “Lose to Win.”

The 28-year-old reminded America why they voted her all the way to the top as she flawlessly belted out the emotional song.

According to PEOPLE, she loves the happy place she is in now and others are already starting to take notice.

“Everyone was saying how happy they were to see me at this place,” she told the magazine. “I think my happiness and peace is now finally showing and so they were all like ‘just stay right here.’”

Well we’re hoping she certainly does stay in that joyous place and continue to prosper in all her future endeavors.


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