Alicia Keys Flaunts Bikini Body After Settling ‘Girl on Fire’ Lawsuit

Alicia Keys enjoyed some fun in the sun with her little man Egypt as she showed off her bikini body on the beach not long after she finally settled a lawsuit over some of her lyrics in “Girl on Fire.”

It’s just something about celebrity moms that gives them the super human ability to bounce back from pregnancy as if it never happened.

Alicia Keys gave birth to her very first child two years ago but her body looks like it doesn’t even know what pregnancy is.

The 32-year-old soulful songstress took to the Bahamas for some rest and relaxation in a fun printed bikini.

She had her short cut slicked back out of her face and had no problem letting the photogs snap pics of her without any makeup.

In addition to wading through the ocean water and making us all wonder what’s the secret behind celebrity post-pregnancy fitness, Swizz Beats’s wife also took the time to teach Egypt a thing or to about the creatures of the sea.

In several photos you can see the “Brand New Me” crooner pointing into the water at something while Egypt stands by her said paying close attention.

Alicia and Swizz have been married for three years and have been one of the few celebrity couples to avoid being bombarded with scandalous stories about their relationship in major tabloids.

While Alicia hasn’t had to deal with many relationship rumors, she did have a serious lawsuit on her hands regarding her song “Girl on Fire.”

Earl Shuman, the co-author of the 1960s song “Lonely Boy,” claimed that Keys used copyrighted material from his song.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the complaint didn’t actually go into great detail about what exactly infringed upon his copyright and for more people the only real similarity they can see is Alicia’s use of the lyrics “lonely girl.”

The lawsuit was filed last year, but the R&B star has finally worked things out with Shuman and won’t be going to court over the matter.

While both parties announced that a settlement had indeed been made, they didn’t say what exactly that settlement was.


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