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New Trailer for 'The Internship'

Another trailer has come out for the “timely” Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson-starring comedy The Internship. It mostly covers the same story beats  and jokes from the first trailer, with some new stuff mixed in. Now we can ascertain that Wilson’s character will probably have a romance with Rose Byrne’s character. Thrilling!

Here is the trailer:


– Vaughn and Wilson’s characters don’t know who Professor X is, but they know of the Hunger Games series?

– The one laugh that I got: “You! College?” “University of-” “No.”

– Are… are they playing Quidditch? They are. They’re playing Quidditch. (Aside: My autocorrect does nothing about “muggle,” but says that “Quidditch” isn’t a word)

– Sorry. Nope. No person born in the 90’s (besides me) will recognize a Flashdance reference.

– You know, a comedy about unpaid internships is actually a great premise. If only it hadn’t been turned into a vehicle for typical frat pack antics.

– Anyway. Not really anticipating this.

The Internship comes out June 7th.

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