The Priceless Beauty of Spain on $55 a Day

Spain is as diverse as it is stereotypical. A land of passion, food, art, and music, where the population is dedicated to living the good life and appreciating every moment of it, you will never be disappointed whether you are visiting the bustling metropolitans of Barcelona or Madrid, or escaping to the high mountains for a little R&R.

We chose the $55 per person, per day number after personal experience and research. From dormitories to private rooms, hotels or high-end resorts, accommodation is easy to find.

Unfortunately Spain is not the cheapest place out there; however, the rewards of an awesome nightlife, food, culture, and great activities is well worth the extra cash.

Hostels are by far the easiest way to save on accommodation, unless you are traveling in a group. In that case, websites like AirBnB can make it much more affordable to find an apartment to share with your friends. In this situation, you can also save a little bit by visiting local grocery stores and cooking at home. Don’t worry, el vino de la mesa is cheap, delicious, and easy to find!

A dorm usually ranges between $15-30 USD per night, always includes sheets, and most of the time has shared common areas and free Wi-Fi.  This budget also assumes that public buses will be your main mode of transportation.

Spain’s diverse geography means one thing when it comes to cuisine: lots of flavor, lots of ingredients, and lots of different dishes. Whether it’s fresh seafood on the coasts, tapas in local bars in the city centers, or a taste of the regional dish paella, your taste buds will not be wanting. The foods of Spain differ regionally, so depending on where you are, you will experience some new combination of flavors. Regardless of where, though, the passion that Spaniards have for food, and the conversations you have over the dinner table will be memorable.

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