Musharraf Flees Pakistan Court to Avoid Arrest


Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf ran from an Islamabad courtroom on Thursday after judges ordered his arrest, dealing a fresh blow to the fast-fading hopes of reviving his political career at next month’s general elections.

Musharraf’s hasty exit from the Islamabad high court symbolizes the faded influence of a former army chief who once dominated Pakistan’s political landscape, but whose bid to stage a triumphant comeback has garnered scorn.

The order pushed Pakistan’s judiciary into uncharted territory, challenging a long-standing, unwritten rule that the top ranks of the army are untouchable.

Mohammad Amjad, secretary-general of Musharraf’s All Pakistan Muslim League party, said Musharraf’s lawyers would file an appeal against the arrest order.

Musharraf returned from self-imposed exile last month hoping to win a seat in the National Assembly next month.


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