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One Last Trailer for 'Star Trek Into Darkness'

Well, here is your Star Trek. Looks like it’s goin’ into darkness.

Seriously, just the worst title.

Anyhoo, this new trailer for the movie shows off some new stuff. For instance we now know that Benedict Khanberbatch has a giant-ass spaceship at his disposal. I assume it’s a stealth ship, because it’s painted black and made of angles and holy cow that’s so dumb I can’t even begin to articulate. But mostly the trailer is here to showcase some GRIMNESS! Things blow up! The Enterprise crashes*! Kirk looks sad!

Star Trek Into Darkness comes out May 17th. This is the trailer:

*Gotta love how blatantly they’re cashing in on everyone’s nostalgic love for the ship, rather than any emotional attachment that these two movies could possibly earn.

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