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SNL Pokes Fun at LL Cool J and Brad Paisley's Poor Attempt At 'Ending Racism'

LL Cool J and Brad Paisley are stubbornly refusing to admit their song “Accidental Racist” was less than a good idea so Saturday Night Live took  it upon themselves to  do so.

‘Racism’s over y’all. Gone!’ said Kenan Thompson as LL Cool J in the opening scene. Jason Sudeikis as Brad Paisley added, ‘Country music is about stories. So what I wanted to do was show folks the gritty racial reality of a man in Starbucks talkin’ to his barista.’ Later the duo openly admitted, ‘We know the song’s not perfect,’ before Kenan adds, ‘It’s not even good!

Host Seth Meyers further poked fun at what appeared to be a rushed attempt at tackling a serious issue. Kenan cynically explained, it took nearly 11 minutes to compose the tune! Watch the SNL skit below:

During one of their many late night stops to further explain what the heck they were thinking, LL again retorted to the “starting a conversation” line,

‘You can’t fit 300 or 400 years of history into a three- to four-minute song. As long as people are having a conversation, then the art has done its job. America, as a whole, we need to come together. We don’t need to be talking about tearing the fabric of society apart. We need to be connecting with each other and becoming closer as human beings and loving one another.’

Unlike, showbiz where any publicity is good publicity – LL and Brad should know every conversation is not a productive one.

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